TV-Shows I'm Excited For!


The Gifted
After Legion earlier this year, there's another X-Men TV show coming to our screens . This one is called The Gifted and focuses on a family who go on the run once they realise their two children are mutants. Starring True Blood's Stephen Moyer and Angel's Amy Acker as the parents, they eventually join the underground mutant community who are fighting for survival in a world that doesn't want or understand them. Oh, and the dad works for the people who are hunting them. Set in a world where the X-Men are long gone (or at least not available to help) it has a feel of Heroes to it. And that's fine by me, as long as it doesn't go drastically downhill after the first season.

Speaking of last year's Netflix hit, one of the streaming service's upcoming foreign language originals looks set to be the new Stranger Things. Don't let the German subtitles put you off, Dark is set in the fictional town of Winden and follows the story of a missing boy and the lives of everyone involved. Sound familiar? There's also a fantasy element to the show too with three different timelines involved - one in the '50s, one in the '80s, and one in the present day. The first trailer gave me chills and ends with a menacing voice over which says: "It's not who kidnapped the children... but when." Which is enough to make me want to watch it. How about you?

Based on the book Mind Hunter: Inside the FBI�s Elite Serial Crime Unit, the Netflix Original looks set to give you the crime fix you need this year. Set in 1979, it follows two FBI agents (Jonathan Groff and Holt McCallany) who interview a series of serial killers to help hone their profiling skills. Their motto is, you have to think like a killer to catch a killer, and the first trailer makes it look like a cross between Hannibal and a true crime documentary. Sign me up!